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Beacon Academy is the future of secondary education.

Beacon Academy merges independent school best practices and a challenging, innovative curriculum with the student-centered methods of Montessori pedagogy. Students experience a learning community that inspires self-motivation and personal challenge and celebrates intellectual, cultural, and socioeconomic diversity.


Who We Are

We offer an innovative and challenging education based on Montessori principles that places a priority on experiential learning, entrepreneurial thinking, and in-depth interdisciplinary studies.

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We seek students from a wide variety of backgrounds and academic settings who embody our core values. Applicants are evaluated with an emphasis on best fit for the school and the family.

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Our curriculum embodies the principle of “learning by doing” by affording students opportunities for hands-on investigation, student-centered discussions, experimentation, critical thinking and fieldwork.

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The Beacon Difference

A school for students, by students.

At Beacon, we ask for and rely on student feedback and ideas to create our school culture.

We stimulate individual academic interest.

We allow for flexibility and student choice. Our class schedule is characterized by extended class periods and independent work time built into the day.

We integrate students into the real world.

Our urban location provides our students with the opportunity to be enmeshed in downtown Evanston and Greater Chicago. Ethics and service are intentionally woven into our program, preparing our students to address for themselves what it means to live a good and meaningful life.

Exploration of student interest

Twice a year, students have weeklong Interim sessions during which they explore an entrepreneurial project, internship, or deep study of an academic subject.

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