Our Space

Downtown Evanston


Beacon’s location in the heart of downtown Evanston provides our students with unique proximity and access to an incredible array of cultural and educational institutions, restaurants, and public transportation. The Evanston Public Library is 1 block north, the McGaw YMCA is 1 block west, and there are 30 restaurants within a .3 mile radius. Beacon has an open campus, so students are able to visit these and many other locations during the course of the school day.

Our Space


Our newly renovated space is encased in glass walls creating a open floor plan that supports our interdisciplinary academic program. Our furniture is ergonomically designed and much of it is on wheels, helping us to create a range of different configurations depending on the classroom activity. Our intimate setting provides our students with easy access to teachers. We have made many of our walls into giant whiteboards create a dynamic learning environment where students can express their creativity. Our innovative layout serves as an important tool for learning and thinking.

Design Drivers

  • Empower the whole student

    Guide students through their own self-discovery and personal passions, allowing for reflection and social emotional health.

  • Ground learning in relationships

    Connect whole people in meaningful, productive ways–whether that is peer-to-peer, adult to teen, or mentoring.

  • Reflect the real world

    Promote diversity of experiences and interactions, integrate subjects meaningfully, practice life skills, and work on real challenges.

  • Unleash entrepreneurial impact

    Empower students as change makers that have ownership over service learning experiences, entrepreneurial activities, student-led clubs, and advocacy.

  • Be a school without borders

    Look outward–connect to the world through transportation, tools, technology, and creative local and global partnerships of all sizes.