Habits of Mind, Habits of Learning

How Beacon Students Think


Aristotle writes about the importance of habituating virtue in order to lead a good life. In much the same way, Beacon students build habits of learning that will serve them far beyond their high school or even college experience. At our core, Beacon Academy strives to help our students to develop the aptitude and passion to learn actively throughout their lives so that they can adjust in an ever-changing future, become leaders in their chosen professional field, and, most importantly, live with purpose.


Our program asks students to embrace the complexity of the world while remaining fully themselves. The intellectual, social, and emotional foundation that they form in adolescence will help them to navigate the inevitable challenges they will face in their pursuit of a meaningful life.

Habits of mind beacon academy

How Beacon Students Learn


Beacon teachers create an optimal learning environment by providing the time and space for exploration and discovery. We focus on the student’s mastery of the material, not whether or not they have memorized a concept or idea.  Our teachers don’t simply lecture to our students. They engage them in the subject matter and then provide ample time for the students to actively, not passively, participate in the learning experience. Beacon students are expected to independently follow their interest and then present to their classmates and teacher what they have learned. This presentation can be oral, written, video, or some other medium, depending on the material. We intentionally give our students the space to learn about their specific interests while providing guidance and support to ensure that they stay on task and master the content.