The Beacon Difference

Beacon is the Future of Secondary Education


In recent years, a national conversation has taken place about radically changing how education is delivered to high school students. Experts have demonstrated that high school students need to learn essential skills to productively contribute to our ever-changing and dynamic world. The skills most needed include critical thinking, collaboration and teamwork, creativity, and effective communication. Students need to experience perseverance and learn from failure. They need to “engage in the doing,” connect their school work with the outside world and work on authentic problems. Teachers should tap into the intrinsic motivation of each student, excite their passions and use that as a springboard for living a meaningful life.

High School Education Re-Imagined


Many Montessori educators and parents have heard this conversation and came to the same conclusion: Montessori—an educational model that has been around for over 100 years—already does what innovative education experts say is desperately needed. With this backdrop, Beacon Academy was founded.


High school education can be re-imagined. From its physical building and layout to its course offerings, Beacon promises to continually work to create the very best education to prepare its young learners and future leaders to be their best selves.


Beacon Academy IS the future of secondary education.

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Beacon Academy Chicago

Habits of Mind

We strive to help our students to develop the aptitude and passion to learn actively throughout their lives so that they can adjust in an ever-changing future.

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Our Space

Our location in the heart of downtown Evanston provides our students with unique proximity and access to an incredible array of cultural and educational institutions.

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Beacon Academy Chicago

Mission & Values

Our students will master the skills, knowledge, and habits of mind necessary to meaningfully contribute to a complex and diverse world with compassion and confidence.

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