Service Learning

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Volunteer Programs


Service Learning is a core value at Beacon Academy. We offer all our students an opportunity to place themselves at the service of others. Students volunteer at selected sites throughout the school year based on their interest.  We support those that are unable to drive by offering chaperones to the sites.  Students are engaged in shaping their service learning experience by becoming knowledgeable of their area of service through our Social Justice Program and organizing their schedules, to participate weekly, bi-weekly or monthly in service.  Each Interim Week, students are offered an opportunity to participate in an intensive service learning experience they can then carry on through the remainder of the year.  The most recent experience was developed in partnership with Allowance for Good and focused on the Refugee Crisis.


Our programs are organized by populations served and type of service. Categories include: environmental advocacy, tutor/mentor programs (elementary/middle school-aged populations), feeding/sheltering programs, senior programs, and animal advocacy programs.


The school year begins with a Service and Social Justice fair where students can explore and sign-up for opportunities to serve and learn about their communities, local and global.  Throughout the school year, new opportunities may arise, and students are able to explore various service opportunities.