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The social and emotional development of students is a hallmark of the Montessori philosophy of education. Research shows that social and emotional intelligence, as well as related non-cognitive skills such as perseverance and growth mindsets, are more predictive of long-term success than achievement test scores. Student activities, athletics and guidance counseling provide the necessary outlets to address this growth in adolescence. It is also integrated into the fabric of students’ academic pursuits on a daily basis.


Moving beyond the traditional concept of a “classroom,” students at Beacon Academy engage in service learning, fieldwork, and apprenticeships with experts with whom they can problem-solve, collaborate and contribute to ongoing projects of far-reaching significance. Beacon is a community school in the strongest sense of the word with local organizations, Evanston, and greater Chicago serving as our extended campus. Learn how our values play out in our Family and Student Handbook.

  • Connect Dots Between Community Assets

  • Immerse Learning in a World-class City

  • Reach Out to the World Beyond

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Student Activities

Student activities are a vital part of life at Beacon. Extracurricular activities and student-led clubs vary from year to year, and time for meeting is built into the weekly schedule.

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Service Learning

This is a core value of Beacon Academy. We offer all our students an opportunity to place themselves at the service of others. Students volunteer at selected sites throughout the school year.

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